An unusual family story

Our story begins in the purest Alsatian tradition...
At the time, each family owned farmland for cereal cultivation, vineyards for the sale of wine in bulk to local traders and animals to maintain the family effectively.

That's how my grandfather, Germain Steinbach, used to work.

It was in 1964, under the leadership of my uncle and his wife, André and Marthe Steinbach, that the first bottles were marketed. Cereal crops and livestock gradually gave way to viticulture.

When I was young, I had the chance to grow up in the family vineyard, with my grandfather and my uncle. My need for adventure first led me to the Air Force as an airplane mechanic.

Then the call of my roots and my curiosity of the terroirs pushed me to preserve the family heritage. I became a winemaker in 1995. In the 2000s, my wife Christine joined me in my daily life in the vineyards.

Now it's our daughters, Lydie and Marine, that continue the history of the family winery.



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The current team of Domaine Philippe SOHLER

Lydie, Marine, Philippe & Christine

Vintage 1948

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